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How Siding Painting Can Increase Your Home Value

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Did you know that siding can be painted? That was not always the case, but now, with the latest advancements in paint products, it is a great option for homeowners wanting to freshen up the exterior of their home without paying for all new siding.  Choosing to paint instead of replace your siding makes sense when you look at the cost. Some professionals estimate that homeowners can save more than 50% by painting. Add this to the fact that replacing vinyl siding will only deliver an additional 5 years of life (compared to painting), and it seems like siding painting is the best choice.

Siding painting can increase your home value
Even though the investment cost is low for siding painting, it delivers high returns. Siding painting can increase your home value by 2 to 5% according to Consumer Reports. After all, the exterior of a home is the first thing homebuyers see and will leave the first impression.

Jennie Norris, chairwoman of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, has some suggestions for painting house exteriors. First, only use three colors. Too many colors make the exterior too busy or distracting. Second, follow the 60% / 40% / 10% rule: Use one color on 60% of the home, another color for 30% (like garage doors and trim) and the last color for 10% (such as the front door). Third, she suggests using neutral colors that are on-trend now and will still be in style for the next decade. Last, she reminds homeowners to hire professionals for a high quality finish instead of attempting to take a project this large on by themselves.