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Tips and Tricks for Wall Painting from Professionals

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The color or colors that you put on your walls are often a very personal reflection of your style and how you want your home not just to look, but also feel. If you have grown tired of builder-white or have just moved into a home whose previous owner had vastly different opinions on paint colors, you might just find yourself running to the paint store to bring home some paint chips! If you are adept at painting, our team at First Choice Painters wants to help you with some professional tips and tricks for your wall painting project.

wall painting project

One of the first things you need to focus on is something that most people skip when it comes to wall painting — the preparation. Walls need to be clean, lightly sanded and primed before painting. Many paints advertise that they are a paint and primer in one, but if you are covering a dark surface, it’s best to cover with an additional layer of primer. Getting quality painting tools like professional-grade brushes and rollers will also go a long way in terms of smooth paint application. Also, don’t forget to cover flooring and furniture!

The next thing you’ll need to do is prepare your paint. If you are painting a larger area, combine multiple cans of the same color into one large bucket for truly even color and coverage.

Finally, paint using a “w” shape, going slowly and evenly. When you are ready to move on, end in an “I” motion, straight down.