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Why Your Cabinets Need Professional
Cabinet Painting

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Kitchens and bathrooms are the most often used rooms in the house! We put a lot of money into these spaces, but after a decade or so, they can start to feel dated or dull. If you want to refresh your space for a fraction of the price, keeping your existing cabinets is a good place to start! If you want a truly new feel to your kitchen or bathroom, cabinet painting can give you that fresh start. However, if you choose to paint your cabinets, our team here at First Choice Painters would strongly encourage you to use professionals for your cabinet painting for the following reasons.

professional cabinet painting

  • Better Results– With professional cabinet painting, you can count on the results to look like your cabinets came that way. Instead of the brush marks and bumps that you can get from painting your cabinets, professional cabinet painters are able to give you far better-looking results.
  • Time-Saving– Even if you have a small amount of cabinets, cabinet painting takes a long time! In order to do a good job, your cabinets need to be de-glossed, sanded, primed, painted and then sealed. Many of these steps require two coats. Working by yourself, you can be painting cabinets easily for several weeks, several hours per day. Professional cabinet painting can get you better results in a fraction of the time.
  • Longevity- When you have professional cabinet painters work on your cabinets, you get results that don’t only look better, but will hold up to frequent daily use as well due to proper preparation and quality methods.

If you are thinking about cabinet painting to refresh your space, let us help you get the best results today!